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Nous vous proposons une plaquette de présentation de la FCIL, mais, surtout, une vidéo présentant le dispositif AQUITAPRO :

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#ErasmusDays2020 : du 15 au 17 octobre, fêtez avec nous la mobilité européenne pour la formation professionnelle !

Le nouveau dossier de candidature pour l'année 2020 / 2021 est en ligne ; il est à remettre au référent mobilité de votre lycée avant le 4 mai 2020.

En raison des mesures prises par le Président de la République afin de faire face à l'épidémie de COVID-19, les fora de la mobilité sont annulés. Nous vous tiendrons informés des prochaines présentations dès que nous serons en mesure de les assurer.

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Accueillir un stagiaire dans votre entreprise se révèle bénéfique à bien des niveaux. Nous vous proposons quelques témoignages des tuteurs de stage qui ont fait confiance à la FCIL et ont intégré nos stagiaires dans leur équipe, pour un stage de six mois.

“Auriane is a very outgoing and confident young lady.
She worked very well with the students especially the weaker students. She approached all her tasks with enthusiasm and is a quick learner. Her English improved immensely during her time with us.
It was a pleasure to have her work with us. ”

Deirdre - Manager
St John's Central College, Ireland

“It was our absolute pleasure to host Noémie.
She was an exceptional team-player, highly efficient, flexible, charismatic and loyal. Her techniques were equally superb.
Well done to your academy!.”

Pierre - Division Manager
Solana Hotel & Spa, Malta

“I would like to thank ye for Amory.
He is a fantastic student and a credit to his country.
If ye would like to send a student again in the future then I will gladly help.”

Jerry - Manager
Jos Carpentry, Ireland

“I want to to let you know that we are really surprised by the intern that we already have from your organization, and we would love to have more students from AQUITAPRO EUROPEAN MOBILITY for their Erasmus internship. Your student name is Alexis and he is currently working as an intern in our company and we are really impressed with his skills and knowledge. Our company is more than happy to accept your lovely students for their placement. We are really satisfied with the work of Alexis and the attention that he brings to our business.”

Dmitriy - HR Manager
OFoundation, Netherlands

“Estamos muy contentos con Pierre, esta trabajando duro y muy entusiasmado con los proyectos. :)”

Leandro - director del estudio
Leandro Crespi Studio, España

“I just want to send you this short note to THANK YOU for the exceptional student you sent to our organisation. She is such a hardworking kind person. It has been a great pleasure having her...”

Valentina - Internship Coordinator
Stage Malta, Malte

“We are delighted with Loriane's performance during her stay in our labs. She made substantial scientific progress. I would rate her in the top 5% of students I supervised.”

Dr. Rauch
Systems Biology Ireland, Ireland

“Max is fantastic student! He is very friendly and helpful with any tasks that management might have in the Tourist Offices. Max is also very hard working and flexible in his duties.
We are delighted to have Max as part of out team in the tourist offices.”

Laura - HR
Extreme Ireland, Ireland

“Mael has been doing great. He’s been a real asset to the team and we've been able to rely on him on a number of different projects.
For the last month or so, he's been working solely on UI and UX design, which I believe, he enjoys the most and has learned a lot.”

Luke - CEO
Bamboo, Ireland

“Thank you for sending Clémence.
I can't tell you how amazing she has been. Really fantastic. I hope she has gained the experience she hoped to get.”

Ed - Manager
Irish Rock n'Roll Museum Experience, Ireland

“Justine is just perfect and amazing. She is one of the best therapist I’ve had so far in my salon.
Thanks a lot: I really appreciate this amazing experience.”

Nathalie - Manager
G7C Beauty Salon, United Kingdom

“Ines has been really fantastic, she’s been working very hard and has learnt a very wide range of skills over a short amount of time now.
She has had a very positive impact on the studio.”

David - Manager
PS Brixton, United Kingdom

“Emma has been great.
She has a really good attitude, a will to learn and has got on well with everyone.”

Mike - Manager
Birckhouse, United Kingdom

“Maylis was magnificent throughout her whole internship. She was always determined, very hard working and gives 100% effort will all the duties that was given to her.
Her attitude was phenomenal and very respectful towards other staff and customers.
I would be interested by having another student or even two students for a 6-month internship.”

Rutherson - Manager
Celtic Whiskey Shop, Ireland

“Tom was a model student; very mature, hard working and loyal to our Brand.
He is actually helping us out at the moment and has accepted a permanent role to begin in August.”

Jane - Manager
Bel and the dragon, UK

“Jonathan has shown great interest in his activities, curiosity in understanding product and business processes and versatility in his activities.
He was precise in the use of measuring instruments (calliper, gauges, projector profile, microscope, dynamometer) and in performing visual controls on the details.
He has built good social relationships with his colleagues and has well integrated into the company.”

Isidora - Manager
Hutchinson, Italie

“In regards of Marion´s internship, I must say is the best intern that we ever had.
In the beginning she was shy, but we have seen an incredible evolution and we feel very proud of her in The London Dream.”

Maria - Manager
The London Dream, UK

“Alexis has been fantastic.
We're actually chatting with him about staying on with Mallard in a full time position after his internship has come to an end.
I am really impressed by how much he has grown in such a short space of time and his English has vastly improved as well.
It has been great for everyone involved.”

Scott - Project Manager
Mallard Production, UK

“Audrey did a great job with us.
She effectively absorbs information, follows direction, and knows when to ask for clarification. She has been an absolute pleasure and a joy to have on the team with her calm and constant positive mood. Audrey always paid great attention to detail and was very dedicated to ensuring that any task she was given was handled completely and competently.
She is also highly responsible and dependable, as well as is a delight to be around.
We are very appreciative of Audrey's contributions and have encouraged her to stay in touch with us.”

Matteo - Architect
Daa Haus, Malta

“Charlotte has been a pleasure to have in the office.
She is one of our Star trainees and is now responsible for training and on boarding of new trainees in our office. We have really pushed her experience to the limit in giving her more and more tasks to do.
She is now dealing with real operation of tour groups and travel itineraries for the French and Canadian markets.
She is now also in contact with our suppliers and can deal with operations independently.
She is a candidate we will employ in the future.”

Gloria - Director of Sales & Business Development
Travel services, UK

"Romain is an excellent student, a very pleasant and intelligent person.
He has plenty of knowledge absorbed from his college which he is delivering into work now.
I found him very helpful and I am glad to have him for expanding his knowledges at our business.
If France has all students like Romain then it will progress in refrigeration business a lot."

Alex - Managing Director
Refrigeration business, Ireland

"It is been a real pleasure having the services of Florian and he's been getting on brilliantly with the team.
His forte has definitely been in electronics but realistically he's just a nice guy to have around.
Needless to say we’ll be sad to see him go but certainly will wish him all the best for the future.
Thank you personally for assisting him on his internship."

Tim - Managing Director
AA Electrical Services, UK


La FCIL fonctionne grâce à de nombreux partenariats entre lycées, région, académie de Bordeaux et entreprises.

VET Charte Erasmus+

Le consortium Aquitapro a obtenu la Charte Erasmus+ de mobilité dans l'Enseignement et la Formation Professionnels, pour les années 2017 - 2020.


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