Are you planning to take on a French trainee for 6 months within your company? You will find all the necessary information about AQUITAPRO, testimonials from supervisors, the vocational trainings from which our learners come…


The FCIL-AQUITAPRO exists to help students go on a professional long-term internship abroad, and to give them the benefit of a truly rewarding and recognized training.


We have created a specific vocational training: the FCIL-AQUITAPRO, at the end of which the candidates receive a diploma.

This training is funded by the European Union (the Erasmus+ scholarship program) and the Regional Council of New Aquitaine. The FCIL-AQUITAPRO allows young people from vocational trainings and newly graduated apprentices to live a six-month professional experience in Europe, combined with reinforced learning in the language of the place of internship.

Why host an FCIL-AQUITAPRO intern?

The advantages for partner companies of FCIL-AQUITAPRO are numerous:


  • Find a trainee who is highly motivated and eager to learn (our students have been selected by their previous high school on selected criteria and have shown interest in our training for several months before integrating the FCIL-AQUITAPRO);
  • A sufficiently long internship period (six months) for the intern to become truly involved in the company;
  • A referent who is always available;
  • A support for the trainee: during the six months in the company, the European Mobility department monitors your trainee and ensures that the internship runs smoothly;
  • An opening to Europe in a reassuring setting: the intern is accompanied throughout the duration of the European mobility.


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Supervisors testimonies

Welcoming a trainee during six months within your company is beneficial on many levels. We offer you some testimonials from internship supervisors who trusted the FCIL-AQUITAPRO and integrated our students into their team, for a six-month internship.

What do supervisors think?

we have been collecting data from internship tutors for several years: advantages of a French intern, evolution of the intern, impressions of this long-term internship… here are the results (click on the picture):

FCIL-AQUITAPRO brings together various vocational trainings:

  • Tourism
  • Local Tourism Animation and Management
  • Sale and Tourism Production
    • Electrical engineering
    • Aeronautics
    • Design of industrial products
    • Industrialization of mechanical products
    • Soft materials industry
    • Systems Maintenance
    • Vehicle maintenance: passenger cars and motorcycles
    • Design and production of automatic systems
    • Boilworking
    • Technical support for engineers
    • Installation of energy and climatic systems
    • Building technician and structural work organization
    • Construction study and economics
    • Wood construction