We have referenced all the questions that internship tutors have about our training and hosting an intern for 6 months in their company, in Europe.



AQUITAPRO is a project intended to offer students of Nouvelle-Aquitaine the possibility of broadening their professional horizons. To achieve this, various high schools have come together in a consortium (because it is well known that unity is strength): AQUITAPRO.
Each high school of the AQUITAPRO consortium offers its students the opportunity to complete their vocational training through an internship abroad.
The Gustave Eiffel high school has been appointed as coordinator of this consortium: it educates the participants within a training course, the FCIL-AQUITAPRO, and organizes their departure in the host company thanks to the European Mobility team.
The entire AQUITAPRO project is based on the dynamism and funding of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and the rectorate of the Bordeaux Academy, of the European Union via the Erasmus+ Agency.

You can find here the list of all the high schools members of the AQUITAPRO consortium.


The International Complementary Training (which takes the acronym FCIL from the Complementary Training of Local Initiative) of the Lycée Gustave Eiffel exists to monitor the departure abroad of our students, within the framework of the AQUITAPRO program… hence its name: FCIL -AQUITAPRO.

A professional internship in Europe would be useless if it was not recognized as a rewarding training. The FCIL-AQUITAPRO was designed to provide a framework for this European internship. The FCIL-AQUITAPRO provides: language and cultural courses, monitoring during the internship, help when needed by our students once in the host country.

How long is the internship?
The internship is spread over a period of six months… your trainee will have 180 days to learn new working methods, to blend into the daily life of your company and gain autonomy.
Internships begin from mid-November / early January onwards.
Is it a paid internship?
The partners of the FCIL-AQUITAPRO offer our students financial support during this internship abroad, thanks to 3 grants:
New-Aquitaine Regional Council grant;
Erasmus+ travel package;
Erasmus+ scholarship. The amount of this scholarship depends on the country chosen: it adapts to the local standard of living.
This means that this long-term internship is unpaid. You can, of course, help your trainee facing expenses (like transportation or accomodation) if you feel like the grant is not enough.


What do I need to do?

Ready to welcome your first French trainee? There are few things that we need from you:

  • Sign the Internship agreement;
  • At the arrival of your trainee: fill in the
  • Fill in the on-line form that the team will send you each month in order to check that your trainee was at work;
  • At the end of the internship: fill in the Confirmation of training period.